Wednesday, February 15, 2017

30 day challenge day 3

Hello readers! Its been a busy day for me and I'm sorry my post is so late!!! Today is day 3 of our 30 day challenge and today is...
My favorite series!!!!
as you can see I chose The Hollow Series by Jessica Verday. This series is so wonderful. Its a bit on the younger side of of the YA spectrum. Its about a girl who loses her best friend and she spends a lot of her time in the cemetery. While there she meets a beautiful stranger named Caspian Crane. A whirlwind romance begins between the two and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow intertwines within their love story. Its a paranormal romance mixed with a classic ghost story!
I adore these books. It is a series I recommend to everyone. I even had my 17 year old God Daughter read them when she was 14!!!

Check back for Ashleys post and for tomorrow's!!!

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