Friday, May 26, 2017

My Goodreads Reading Challenge

Hey readers!! Hope all of you are well and reading amazing books!!!! I am really excited because I surpassed my goodreads goal by 2 books already. I set my goal to an attainable 15. Since I'm so busy, finding time to read is hard, so I need to get creative sometimes!!! You can see what I have read and if you have suggestions please let me know!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Latest Reads

Hi friends! I have been a littler bookworm lately.  most times I am so busy, finding time to read is hard but there were two books that I read fairly quick!!

Yesternight by Cat Winters is a story of mystery. A young woman named Alice is a child psychologist who travels from town to town administering tests for kids who may or may not have disabilities. When she meets a young girl named Janie who claims she is a 19 year old girl named Violet Sunday from Kansas who died tragically. It is with the help of Alice, Janie's Father Michael and the Sunday family to find out why and how Janie believes these things about her. This was one of the first books to ever creep me out. So much so, I had to not read it at night!! It was amazing. Cat Winters is such an amazing author. Her historical fiction mixed with the supernatural is spellbinding!!

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake was a book that I started years ago and just decided to finish. It follows a guy named Thesius Cassio (Cas)  Lowood. He hunts and kills ghosts and he is on a mission to track down a malevolent ghost named Anna who is murdering people who sneak into her house. Anna seems like the hardest ghost for Cas to kill but learning about her murder and being stalked by another evil spirit is what he has in store. This was a good book! My husband read it probably 5 or 6 years ago and he loved it. So far he hasn't lead me astray with a good book and he was right about this one. I cant wait to see what is in store for Cas in the second installment of this series!

I hope all of you enjoyed this mini review piece and check back for more reviews!!

Friday, May 5, 2017

My reading story

Hello friends. Tonight I'm laying in bed watching Gilmore Girls and I felt compelled to write about my reading story. As I watch Rory Gilmore live a thousand if not ten thousand different lives in every book that she reads, I find myself feeling inspired but also a little bit sad. Here's why...
Growing up I can remember my mom always reading. I too wanted to be a reader. The movie Matilda came out when I was very young and after I watched it I wanted to be just like her. So I went in my room , gathered up all of my books and after the first page of each book I became bored and would toss it aside. All I wanted to do was be like my mom and Matilda and read. I can remember sitting in bed with my mama and a book and thinking to myself at 5 years old " I do not like reading. I don't like listening to stories I don't want to read books" at some point I finally told my mama that I didn't want to read anymore. Looking back I'm sure that it broke her heart since she herself is quite the reader.
It wasn't until a program at my school was started called AR or accelerated reading where I was finally forced to have to read. You can imagine my sadness. But regardless of what I did and did not like I had to read books to pass the tests. The first book I can remember reading all the way through was Ramona Quimby Age 8 by Beverly Cleary. Surprisingly I didn't mind those stories and I ended up reading two or three more in her Ramona series. In seventh grade the movie A Walk to Remember came out. After I saw it I fell in love with the overall story and when I found out it was a book I begged my mama to get it for me. One day while staying home sick the power decided to go out. That meant I had absolutely nothing to do. So I grabbed my Discman (yes I'm dating myself), and my copy of A Walk to Remember and begin to read. I read the book in 7 hours. That was the last book I read until High School. When I was assigned to Mr. Klein's freshman English class I had no idea that my love of reading was about to begin. It Started With The Adventures of Ulysses then moved to Romeo and Juliet and I fell deeply and completely in love with To Kill a Mockingbird (my favorite book). I found myself not only loving the characters in the stories but loving the entire story as a whole. I wasn't bored with what I was reading anymore and all I wanted to do was read.
My best friend since I was 5 years old has always been a reader. She and I were in 4th or 5th grade when the Harry Potter series debuted.  she like many other children our age became in love with the world that JK Rowling created. I remember watching her read the books and wanting so bad to get lost in them. By the end of my sophomore year, she had convinced me to give them a try. I am so happy I did!!
" when you finish a good book, you feel like you lost a friend"- Rhonda Becker (my mama). The quote that I just posted is one that I have heard my mom say my entire life. Although I didn't fall in love with reading until I was much older I find that I appreciate it in a different way than a lot of other people. You can argue that as much as you want but in my heart I feel that because I didn't read until I was older I have a deeper sense of appreciation for what I'm reading. That's not to say there books that I read that I think you're a complete waste of time or books that I don't even finish because I don't like them but I think that I look at books a little bit differently because I didn't grow up with the magic of loving them as much as my peers did. There's something about reading that just makes you feel whole. Books take you to many different lands and meet many different people. They make you laugh uncontrollably or they can make you cry uncontrollably.
Stephen King describes books as
" uniquely portable Magic" and I tend to agree.

I hope all of you didn't get too bored with this post and I would love to hear your reading stories tell me them in the comments below!!!