Thursday, February 23, 2017

30 day book challenge day 10 and 11

Hi friends! I am so sorry for lack of post yesterday. I was feeling so under the weather and not much better today but I plan on following through with this challenge so yesterday and today will be one post with 2 separate sections! OK HERE WE GO!!!

Day 10 Book that reminds you of Home.
For me that is James and the Giant Peach. This book is so wonderful and my mama loves the story. I remember when I was 9 we moved into a new house that was actually really old and the first week we were there we had no TV. We relied on movies and we frequented JATGP. To this day my mama will sing the songs or quote the movie. Whenever I miss home I read this book!
*** Check out what I made inspired by this story***

Day 11 a book you hated... ok there are so many but I will choose 1!
OMG I hated this book. I think the concept was okay... I guess but using the idea of "Survival of the fittest" with children on an island it so awful. And... also they killed piggy, my favorite character in the entire story gets his head smashed in with a rock! Really William Golding... come on!

See you tomorrow for day 12 readers!

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