Saturday, June 4, 2016

Current Reads for June 2016

Hi readers! Today I woke up extremely early for no reason at all so I am blogging like crazy now!!! I was reading a little this morning and I realized I have a whole mess of books in progress. Didn't i just post about my bad habits? Well old habits die hard and here is what I am reading as of now!

I am still on such a Pretty Little Liars Kick. Season 6, which I only have 3 episodes left came out n Netflix on Wednesday. However I am finding that the first 3 books were so crazy I couldn't put them down, with this one I am a little bored...BUT I will finish it strong and continue to collect the books!!

I am having, again a hard time continuing this book. I am super pumped for the long awaited movie and it happens to be by my idol Tim Burton. What I am finding hard about this book for the 2nd time around is that Riggs' is extremely wordy, to the point where its almost like a tangent. He draws away from the overall plot line I noticed while I was reading some of it last night. The concept for this story is fantastical and deserves a well written story.

I am undecided on this story so far. I love the narrator. It reminds me of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I feel as if this girl Ava, is an old woman, well into her years and wise as hell and she is telling her story through those old eyes who have seen the world yet she remains in the body of a girl. I haven't gotten far at all and I probably sound like an idiot for those of you who have read it!

So... I love Colleen Hoover. A lady I used to work with mentioned her to me when she was still unheard of and I had no interest in reading any of her books, However... my best friend Sharon, let me borrow her copies of Ugly Love, Confess, and Maybe Someday. They had me at hello, for lack of a better saying. She has a way of writing the most wonderful men (Ridge, is my favorite) and somehow making you sympathize with the leading ladies, even if you are super jealous. I am only about 80 pages in and I am unsure of this book. I have heard people rave about it, but my bestie who got me into these books was unsatisfied so.... I am still on the fence. I am a little bummed out and wont give away any spoilers but the lead and Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars have more in common than meets the eye...

These books though. I love Cassandra Clare as an author. I think that her ideas and characters are bad ass! However I am having the hardest time getting into this book!!! I devoured City of Ashes and City of Glass (that one is my favorite) but this one so far has got the most boring start... I asked my bestie about it and she said "I wish I could tell you I loved this book" which is now all I keep thinking about when I sit to read it, however I have heard others say that this is one of the best so I need to push myself to finish it. I am also head over heels in love with Simon Lewis, so any chapter with him in it is a saving grace for me!

So, this is it, I have 4 books in progress and I am having a hard time falling in love with them. It happens. I may be in a mild slump and just pushing myself too hard to try and get into them. Check back for reviews on these books and more!

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