Thursday, June 9, 2016

Books I wish I could have enjoyed

Hey Readers. I was watching the remake of the iconic Carrie, starring the beautiful Chloe Grace Moretz. When asked if she read the book she responded with "Yes I would have the book with me on set and compare date and time of the book to the script. I wanted to be Stephen's Carrie." In hearing that reply I was inspired to do this post. So here it is, Books I tried reading and could not enjoy no matter how hard I tried.

I have been told my entire life, from my mama that this book scared her so bad, that she had to sleep with her light on. Naturally that would inspire most people to read it. The first attempt was in 6th grade and I got about 30 pages in, became bored and took it back to the library. I have not attempted it since. I am a firm believer that you are meant to read a book at a certain time. Maybe my time with this novel will be soon, or maybe I will not read it until I am old and gray. My only hope is to read at least one of King's Novels.

This is a book that I think, had I pushed myself, could have enjoyed. However I was so emotionally bothered by the first chapter that I had to put it down. I have not picked this book up again and I don't think I ever will. If you have not read this book it is about a girl who is kidnapped and murdered. She is trying to inform her family from the other side of what happened to her and who took her away. The event happens at the end of chapter 1 and I began to cry because it was so real. I felt frightened and bothered. Just writing about it is making me anxious. Many people love this book and Sebold is a fantastic writer. I mean, lets be honest if it bothered me enough to feel afraid that is some damn good writing.

I heard people rave about this book. I decided to watch the movie instead of read the book. However I began to read it and it was so boring. The leading woman is brilliant don't get me wrong but it was just so hard to keep up with after awhile and just not worth the time.

I bought this book for the cover, which for me is rare! I ended up giving it to my God daughter to see what she thought as she is a huge reader and she loved it so much she ordered the rest of the series. I got about half way through and I was so bored I couldn't go on. The concept is great, the characters were strong but for me it was a little too young. I love YA books but there comes a point where I can't relate to anything in the book, so why read it.

I see this book all over Instagram. I also have been told it is a fantastic series but I could not get into it at all. I did love that the lead was named Penryn, She was named after a town 35 minutes from my hometown and she mentions that in the book. I am not a dystopian reader. After The Hunger Games it became so over used, it was all you really saw at book stores. I wanted to like it but this book fell short.

I know I know! Its Harry Potter and how can i say that but lets be honest, this book of the entires series was sooooooooo boring. It felt half assed and rushed. I love this series as a whole, but this book left me so unsatisfied. AND.. for the finale of this wonderful collection...really?!?

I got halfway through this book and was so annoyed by the characters that I couldn't continue on. I think that the idea is fabulous but the execution was poor.

Colleen Hoover is a brilliant writer but this book was so not like her other novels and by the time I finished reading it I felt like I just finished an Ellen Hopkins novel. I was emotionally drained and I couldn't read for days.

Well that is all for now. There will be another one of these I am sure as I am extremely particular as to what I read. I hope all of you enjoyed this!

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