Monday, April 11, 2016

The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters

"All is well..."

I literally just finished Cat Winters second novel The Cure for Dreaming and I must say that I am spellbound. I don't know if you have seen the cover so let me share it with you ...

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      Spooky is it not? Well I have to tell you that the cover is misleading. If you read In the Shadow of Blackbirds than you know that Winters has a way of taken real life history and adding a supernatural element to it. In this book, that was a small fraction of the story.
     It takes place in one of my all time favorite cities Portland, Oregon. It is Halloween in the year 1900. Women's Suffrage was all many people could talk about and women in society were trying to get their voices heard. Our Leading lady Miss Olivia Mead, the daughter of a somewhat sadistic dentist is at hypnosis show, where we then meet our hero a Mr. Henri (pronounced On-rei) Reverie. During his act Olivia becomes one of his subjects and he places her into a deep hypnosis that will ultimately end up being her worst nightmare. Throughout this book, Olivia is subjected to the sexist ways of her father who thinks that his daughter is radical and needs to do what was expected of women during this time, which was tending to house and family and most importantly to be seen and not heard. He hires Henri, to "cure her dreaming" and we then see the world take new form through the new eyes of Olivia.
     This was quote a different read for me. I love historical fiction, but never have I read something so empowering for my sex! I am very much not a feminist, however I do believe that women have so much to offer to society but after reading this book, it has brought out a little more feminist in me. To read about how women had literally nothing to offer but tend to family and home is so sad. All those women, like our Olivia, who stood up for what she believed was right was refreshing!
     I gave this book 4/5 stars via Goodreads (which you can check out my profile, just look to your right) It was a very good and engaging book, but I have to say that with the supernatural element on the backburner I was a little disappointed. Stay tuned for more reviews and fun!

This book was reviewed by Kelsey

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