Thursday, April 21, 2016

Harry Potter Pillowcase

Hi everyone. Today I am anxiously awaiting to sign up for my summer and fall semester, and what I hope is my last few semesters at community college!!!! Then onto my Bachelors in English! I swear I am going to be in school for the rest of my life :) Anyway, This year has been quite the crazy one. My family lost a couple of important people, and I am still adjusting to living in a new town, that has less to do than where I grew up... My best friend Sharon was having an equally hard month and to show her that even though I was a couple hours away I was always by her side, I made her this.....
Photo Provided by @bookishgirl89 via Instagram

This took me a grand total of about 6 hours to finish this. I literally took no breaks, and I wouldnt let myself sleep until it was done but it came out awesome! I take Commission for pieces so if you want something or know someone who does, please reach out!

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