Thursday, April 28, 2016

Books in Progress and bad habits

Hey Friends! I wanted to share with you my worst habit as a reader... I am notorious for becoming bored with books too fast and starting another one until i have to force myself to finish the original first book... Do any of you do that? If so how did you fix it. these are all the books that I have started and need to finish...

The Isle of the Lost was recommended to me by my bestie Sharon I like the idea behind it but I got bored with the execution. I plan on picking it up again this summer and making myself finish it!
 Crane  is a book I got on my kindle about a year ago now and I have not tried picking it up. Two of my best friends and I do a monthly book exchange and I got this from my friend Sharon when it was her month to choose. I hate classics but I LOVE The Legend of Sleepy Hollow  so naturally this was a great idea to get me this book. I read the first chapter to see what it was like and it is so... awkward and confusing. It is on my TBR shelf staring at me, so I will pick it up soon!

 I found Heap House at Barnes and Nobel right after my husband and I moved to our new (boring) little town. I LOVE the art. It reminds me of Edward Gorey's art and funny enough it was written and illustrated by Edward Carey... strange right? I am baffled by this book so far. It has a strange story line with even stranger characters.. I am unsure as to where this is going to go but I hope that it gets my attention...
 The Fall  is a historical fiction/horror read that had me hooked at chapter 1. However, I began reading this around Halloween and I had only been living in my new house, in a new town for 2 weeks, and i was in a huge slump. I got about 6 chapters in before I gave up but I am excited to keep reading. Its terrifying so far!

I also have a bad habit of jumping to conclusions with books. I get really annoyed when people tell me that a book is AMAZING. Mind you, books usually end up being good but very few books that i have read have left me speechless or in a book hangover. I am very critical about my books (and my movies). That is part of why I pick up a book and become easily bored. I know, I know i sound cynical but its the truth... I hope you keep following Ashley and I as we embark on this Journey of books, reading, thoughts and what will hopefully become the COOLEST book blog ever.

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