Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Alchemist by Michael Scott

Hey Everyone! Today I wrapped up an amazing book called The Alchemist  and no I am not talking about the classic novel by Paulo Coelho. I am talking about the one by author Michael Scott! This story is one that somewhat ties into our beloved Harry Potter . This book is about the most famous Alchemist himself Nicholas Flamel! Yes, he is real and no he is not just made up for HP!
   The story starts with twins Josh and Sophie who work at a coffee shop and bookstore. Josh in the store, Sophie in the cafe. On a normal day a strange man named John Dee comes into the bookstore looking for a special book, a codex. Little do Josh or Sophie know that they will be going on an adventure to last a lifetime. Nick, the bookseller and John begin to fight and we find out our little seller is Flamel. Flamel takes Josh and Sophie to a secret hide out to get help from our core cast characters. Scathatch, is a new elder and Hekate, The Goddess with Three Faces. The quest is about keeping the codex out of John Dee's reach but our plot thickens when Nicholas's wife Perenelle (Perry) is taken hostage, and we find out some deep secrets regarding our heroic twins!
    That is literally all I can tell you without using spoilers, and that I will not do! My husband and his best friend read this book and continued the series a couple years after we graduated high school. They loved them and could not wait for each new book to come out. I looked up the release date and The Alchemist made its debut on May 22nd 2007. That was two weeks before I graduated high school. How did i not read this book any sooner?!?!?!?! 
     Starting a new series is a bittersweet feeling for me. I say that because when you pick up a new series you're excited, and ready to dive right in, in the hopes that it leaves you craving more. For the first book in this series The Alchemist  is a 3.5 star read! Now, before you judge my rating here are the good's and the bad's of this read...
~ Great Characters! Each one was unique.
~The plot was wonderful, it was action packed and light
~the writing was great. It read quick and to me it was... if, Percy Jackson  and the movie National Treasure made a baby, this would be it!
~Needed a little more backstory to a couple key characters
~The story jumped around alot and left me feeling confused at times
     So... as you can see the good outweighed the bad and all in all it was a fun and easy read!
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