Friday, March 17, 2017

Harry Potter Spells Tag

Hey readers! I had a few chunk of time this evening and wanted to do a fun book tag! I came upon this awesome blog and I had to do one of my own! So lets get into it!

Flagrate, Writing Charm: a book you found interesting but would like to rewrite?
Funnily enough the first title I chose was a Harry Potter book. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was very disappointing to me. While I love the story overall, I would rewrite it in a way that didn't seem so... "half-assed" for lack of a better word. To me it felt like this book was so rushed and the chapters that were filler chapters really read that way.

Alohomora, Unlocking Charm: First book in a series that got you hooked?
I adore The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. I remember being a sophomore in high school, this was before I read Harry Potter, and there was a book fair in our library. The cover of this book intrigued me and a friend, so we bought them and were so enveloped in the sadness and quirkiness of the story. I am still plugging away at this series and I am currently on book 9!

Accio, Summoning Spell: Book that you wish you could have right now?
Oh my gosh friends, I am beyond excited for this release. It comes out the day before my wedding anniversary! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME!!!!

Avada Kadavra, Killing Curse: A killer book?
This was such a surprising read. It mixes magic, romance, lust and the devil all in one book. It was one that I took off my self with no expectations (I was in a reading slump) and after chapter 1 I could not put it down!

Confundo,Confusion Charm: Book you found confusing?
I was greatly disappointed with this book and I kept finding myself having to go back and re-read chapters because I was so lost. Once I saw the movie it all began to make sense!

Expecto Patronum, Guarding Spell: Spirit animal book?
Oh my gosh you guys (and gals) this book was amazing! I was so in love with the blend of history and fiction, of magic and heartache, of witches and of ghosts. Adriana Mather is truly a spectacular writer.

Sectumsempra, Dark Curse: A dark, twisted book.
I don't have a picture nor a book for this spell... I tend to put books down if they are too dark for me :(

Expecto Patronum (2) Guarding Spell: A childhood book connected to good memories.
This fricken book. I had it memorized. it makes me remember good times with both my mama and dad!!!!

Expelliarmus, Disarming Spell: A book that took you by surprise.
I don't know how many of you have tried Ellen Hopkins, prose style books but she is a great writer. All of her books are about social issues and this one in particular was such a roller coaster of twists and turns and left my jaw on the floor for a majority of the book! *disclaimer* while her books are amazing they are not for the faint of heart, some of her themes include Abuse, drug addiction, and mental illness.

Prior Incantato, Reverse Spell: The last book you read.
I just finished this book and you can see my review on it, on here as well but this was not my favorite...

Riddikulus, Boggart Banishing Spell: A funny book you have read.
I read this book, this time last year and actually just listened to the audiobook with my husband and oh my gosh I found myself giggling at least once a chapter, especially at the Grandma character!!!

Sonorus, Amplifying Charm: A book you think everybody should know about.
Normally I would say To Kill a Mockingbird but for the sake of mixing it up I had to chose The Cure for Dreaming. This book deals with conversion therapy by hypnosis during the time of the American Suffragettes. It combines a very important piece of history, along with hypnosis and a strong willed women. I recommended it to my mama and she read it in a day and said it was so amazing!

Obliviate, Memory Charm: A book or spoiler you would like to forget having read.
This frickin book. By the end of chapter one I felt so awful and disgusted with it that I threw it away at work. Never have I ever been so sickened by a book...

Imperio, Controlling Curse: A book you had to read for school.
This book changed my life in more ways than one. I loved every aspect of it. I wish that more people would give this book a shot, not because they have to but because it is so beautiful and so well written. I cannot talk about this book enough!!!

Crucio, Torture Curse: A book that was painful to read.
This book made it into my DNF pile. I am so in love with the story (and Logan Lerman's portrayal of Charlie) but the book was so hard to get through. Charlie is a very sheltered and quiet almost childlike teenager and when I was reading it I felt like I was listening to a 7 year old telling the story and not a 14 year old freshman.

That wraps up this super fun tag! If you see any tags that you want myself or Ashley, or both of us to post on please send us a comment down below!

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