Friday, March 3, 2017

30 day blog challenge day 19

Hi everyone! I hope all of you are well today! Its again, pretty gorgeous here in California however I just received a alert on my phone via weather channel that we have a chance of snow this Monday :( I hate the snow!! Thank goodness for a husband who drives for a living and drives well in snow right!?! Also I started a new practice of utilizing and color coding my planner and writing down literally everything I need/want to do during my day! I just started today and I am hooked! On this list was to do this post so lets get into it!

Day 19: Favorite book turned into a movie!
Okay so all of you know me pretty well by now to know that I LOVE movies!! This was a super hard one to choose but I feel confident in choosing...

I love this movie! I am about halfway through the book and I am loving it just as much. First off let me just say the "Skeeta" is such a force. She has a voice that captivates you. Her idea of writing a book from the point of view of The Help is extremely creative and brave. Hearing the stories of Abi and Minnie is heartbreaking with moments of extreme hilarity. I find this to be one of the most beautiful stories ever and such a refreshing change of pace in a literary would of vampires that sparkle and girls on trains.

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