Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Favorite Elf

Hey everyone! So we are now on day 2 of the July Fantasy Photo Challenge! As promised I will be sharing my photos here as well!
Day 2 My Favorite Elf... Now I knew that 85% of people in this challenge would choose Doby and that awesome. To many he is dearly loved, to me I find him a bit obnoxious (yes I admit it). I decided to use a house elf that we didn't meet until Book 5 at gimauld place. I chose Kreacher! I love him as a character. He's used very little but when he is you can expect a Sharpe tongue and a grumpy old man to greet you. I just love how mean he is and how he gives no shits!!!
I also wanted to show some love to the tallest elf in the world, Buddy!! Thank you for all your laughs!

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