Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pretty Little Liars Book 3: Perfect by Sara Shepard

Hey everyone! I am sorry I missed this weeks NBT! I was out of town and super busy as usual. Anyway, I just finished book 3 of the Pretty Little Liars series!!! So far this was the slowest one, however it was full of the drama we know and love.

Emily, dealing with her feelings for Maya and realizing that she never loved Ben, because Ben was a guy. Emily and Maya's intimate photo booth picture is leaked and the people she hoped would never find out did. Emily has to move to Iowa and her mother is pissed!

Aria, kept her fathers affair a secret from her mother. Ella receives a letter about the affair and Aria's secret. Aria is kicked out of her house and moves in with her boyfriend Sean, but slowly Mr. Fitz, her English teacher begins calling and wanting to spend time with her. One night Aria and Ezra spend the night together and are interrupted when the cops knock down Ezra's door and arrest him.

Spencer, who wins an award for her history paper, but the paper is not hers, its her perfect sister Melissa's. When the family finds out a huge fight breaks out between siblings. Spencers rage geths the best of her as she pushed Melissa down the stairs and blacks out, only to wake up with a pounding headache locked in her room. She cant remember anything!

Hanna, loses Mona as her BFF and becomes friends with a boy who Alison called a Hermaphridite. Lucas has a crush on Hanna, and when Hanna shows up to Mona's birthday party uninvited and in the same dress, things get ugly. Luckily Lucas saves the day and their friendship becomes more..

The girls are still being taunted by the mysterious entity called A and Aria realizes a huge secret that she ended up catching on tape. Alison had a fling with Melissa Hastings boyfriend Ian. Hanna knows about it too and the unthinkable happens...

She knew too much-A
This was a good read. As I said before, it was the slowest read of the bunch so far but overall it was full of anger, drama and a group of girls who are no closer to discovering who A is.

Check back for a review on book 4, Kisses- A

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