Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Reading Slump Tips.

Hi everyone! If you're a major reader like Ashley and Myself then you know what it feels like to be in a reading slump. What is a reading slump? You know when you have finished a book and you are ready to start another but no matter what you can't get into any of the books you want to read? That is a slump. Its one of the most frustrating feelings in the reading world. How do I get out of them you ask? Here are some of my personal tricks and I hope that they can help you!

  • Don't force yourself to read. If you push it then you will become frustrated and it makes getting into a book harder.
  • Make a To Be Read (TBR) shelf, area or list of the books you want to read with in a certain amount of time. Here is an example of when I first made mine :)

  • After you have your TBR set up, try and only read those books. What I did was make a one shelf section in my living room and if I read as many as possible in a month I either get a new book I want or like last month I added in extra books once I had empty space!
  • Re-Read one of your favorite books. 
  • Find a book you started a long time ago and make yourself finish it. I started A Great and Terrible Beauty over a year ago and last month i made myself finally finish it. I was about halfway through when I picked it up again and told myself, no instagram or movies until it was finished. It turned out to be a really good book and I felt awesome once it was done :)
  • Make reading a priority. Give yourself 30 minutes a day where you sit down and all you do is read with no distraction!
I hope these help you out! Keep Reading!

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