Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Book Tuesday!

Hello and welcome to another New Book Tuesday!!! I am really excited to share what I found at my local Library. I thought I would make this interesting and give you the synopsis before I reveal the picture, sound good? Each synopsis will be in quotations as I am using the ones from the book :) okay here we go!

1. "When fifteen year old Oscar Drai suddenly vanishes from his boarding school in Barcelona, no one knows his whereabouts for seven days and seven nights.
His story begins when he meets the strange Marina while he's exploring an old quarter of the city. She leads Oscar to a cemetery where they watch a macabre ritual that occurs on the last Sunday of each month. At exactly ten o'clock in the morning, a woman shrouded in a black velvet cloak descends from her her carriage to place a single rose on an unmarked grave.
When Oscar and Marina decided to follow her they begin a journey that transports them to post war Barcelona..."

2. "When fifteen year old Mallory boarded the General Slocum steamship that hot summer in 1904, her only thoughts were of Dustin and the kiss they had promised to share. Then Suddenly, the steamship caught on fire and within minutes, she along with a thousand others were dead. Now she lingers a ghost unable to leave her grieving family and Dustin..."

well, have you guessed them....

Now that you have read what they are about, would you read them????

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