Monday, August 1, 2016

Books I want you to read!!!.

Hey everyone! I fell like I havent posted in years! and as I am watching movies and working on my personal blog and I got inspired to share some of my personal favorites. Lets get started shall we!

The Hollow is my 2nd favorite book! It is a spin on the classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow mixed with a modern day love story. I fell in love with Caspian Crane in a way that I still to this day have not with any other book leading man. It was a book that took me a year to buy and only a few days to read. This was a love affair from page 1 <3

Cat Winters is a literary Goddess. When I saw the cover of In the Shadow of Blackbirds I knew that it would be one that I would never forget. Set during the Influenza Epidemic in California, Winter weaves a story of the supernatural and lost love. This book is everything I imagined and more.

This was one of the BEST books I have ever read but also one of the most strange. It combines lust, something called "the glow", the devil and a girl who is trying to figure everything out. I loved River West almost as much as Caspian Crane. He was strange and a bit scary and that is what I loved the most!

Check back for 3 more, coming soon!

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