Saturday, July 29, 2017

The TMI Book Tag

Hey Guys and Girls, Kelsey here! Today I wanted to do a fun tag and while I was scanning the internet for something that got me inspired to write I came across @fandomsontherun and their TMI book tag! so lets get into it shall we?!?

1. Which Character has the best style?
For this I chose, Isabelle Lightwood fro The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. While this picture is from the movie, this just gives you an idea of how amazing Izzy dresses!!

2. Book boyfriend/girlfriend/fictional crush?
Obviously if you have been following me on Instagram or even on here you know that my love for Simon Lewis runs deep. He is by far the most wonderful book crush of my life.

3. Ever loved a character but then began to hate them? Hmmmm lets see...

I really loved Sam from The Perks of Being a Wallflower when I first started reading this book. After 100 pages I began to fall out of love with the book, but Sam as a character as well. I found her to be quirky for the sake of being quirky. That's really all she had going for her and then it just became obnoxious.

4. Bigges/Longest book on your shelf?
This beat Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by a whopping 1 page! This has 578 pages and man were they packed full of amazing!

5. Heaviest book on your shelf?
While this book is not 578 pages it is large in size and quite heavy!

6. Do you have any book posters? No... I cant say that I ever have.

7.Do you have any book themed Jewelry? I do not. Only because I am extremely allergic to nickle and all the cute costume jewelry is made from nickle or cheap material. However I would love something either Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter!

8.Book OTP?
I really hate all of the trendy "book lingo" OTP, Trope, ship.. GAH SO ANNOYING but anyway, I guess my OTP is Abby and Caspian!

9. Favorite Book Series?
The Sweep Series By Cate Tiernan! This is an amazing series about teen witches and its utterly addicting!

10. Favorite Book to Movie Soundtrack?
You all know I am Tim Burtons biggest fan, so naturally I decided to go with this! Danny Elfman has said that "The Nightmare Before Christmas was the easiest soundtrack for me to write" and it really shows his creativity. Tim Burton got the idea for NBC from walking past a Macy's and they were taking down their Halloween display and putting up Christmas. The poem he wrote was published into the book it is now, which was then turned into a Stop motion animation film, Directed by Henry Selick and obviously created by Burton. Its by far one of my all time favorite soundtracks on earth!

11. A book/Story you miss and wish would continue?
I don't really have one because all of the stories I read have to end at some point and while it can be heartbreaking, its necessary.

12. Favorite Stand-Alone. This is so hard because I actually prefer stand-alones to series... but I guess if I had to choose...
Cat Winters is a literary wizard. She combines Historical fiction with the supernatural and her books are so hard to put down. In the Shadow of Blackbirds takes place in Coronado, California during WWI and during the outbreak of the Spanish Influenza. As you can see by the cover spirit photography is the supernatural element in this story and while it makes an impact, the time period and characters really steal the spotlight.

13. Since when did you read books. My passion for reading was sparked when I was 14 and a freshman in high school. It started with To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee

14. Which Hogwarts house are you in?
I am a proud Slytherin!

15. Quality you look for in a book? Good Characters. If I don't like the characters, then the rest of the story wont appeal to me.

16. Favorite book quote: "Hold your Head high and keep those fists down"- Atticus Finch

17. Favorite Author? Without a doubt that would be Cat Winters. Like I mentioned before she is a brilliant writer!

18.Favorite book cover?
Again with Cat Winters! I LOVE this book cover. Its not only beautiful but also spooky. This book changed my life in so many ways. I never knew much about the suffragettes of America and now I have such a profound respect for them.

19. Action or Romance? Romance, Hands down! I love falling in love with a fictitious guys!

20. Where do you go when a sad moment happens? I am a huge baby when it comes to emotional reads. I cry at the drop of a hat so usually I just sit and cry while I gather my thoughts.

21. How long do you need to finish a book? I am such a slow reader, so at least 2 weeks. My schedule is so busy all the time that I really only get to read in bed before I go to sleep and usually it only takes me 30 minutes to an hour to nod off.

22. How long is your mourning period? Honestly its pretty fast. I have seen on youtube and talked to people who need days or even weeks to get over the loss of  a literary loved one. I have a good cry and then I move on..

23.Least Favorite book? I have so many.. I am an extremely critical reader, and I don't know why. I cant stand books that are too hyped or talked about but I would say some of my least favorites include
I know to a lot of you this will seem just awful but I found all of these books to (for lack of a better word) SUCK!

24. Turn on in a character? I love strong, brave characters. I also look for a extreme amount of independence. I am such an independent person that when I read of even slightly co-dependent characters I begin to get annoyed.

25. Turn off in a character? Needy, clingy, whiney, co-dependent.

26. Reason I started blogging? I started blogging because I love talking about books. I am hoping to start school soon to begin my Bachelors in Library Science. Until then I love sharing my thoughts with all of you about books, characters and fandoms :)

27. Name a scary Book?
Yes, another Cat Winters book. I had a hard time reading this book at night because the concept of this little girl speaking as if she is 19 and drowned when she is really a 7 year old girl in another part of the country had me spooked!!!

28. Last Book that made you cry?

This emotional rollercoaster!!!

29. Last book you gave 5 stars?
This is an amazing new spin on witches in America!

30. Any Favorite book titles? I've never really thought about it!

31. Last book you read? This is war by Kennedy Fox <3

32. Book you are currently reading?

33. Last Book adaptation you watched?
I am watching Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland as I am writing this post!

34. Book Character you always wanted to talk to?
Atticus Finch. I find him to be the most wonderful man and character in all of the written word!

35. An Author you always wanted to talk to? Harper Lee! I would love to find out how she came up with the idea for To Kill a Mockingbird.

36. Favorite book snack? I don't really eat when I read but if I do, on a rare occasion I really like smokehouse flavored almonds or plain popcorn.

37. Book world you want to live in?
I'm still waiting for my letter!!!!

38. Book world you don't want to live in?
While I love this series, I get anxious just thinking about the reaping and the games.. No thanks!

39. Last time you smelled a book? Today!

40. Weird insults used in books? I have no idea!

41. Favorite Romance book?
The only romance that still, to this day, breaks my heart all over again with every page I read.

42. Do you write? I love to write and I really want to write two non-fiction pieces. One on growing up with my sister Rachel, who is on the Autism Spectrum and one about being the wife to a man in law enforcement and how to cope with the every stresses that comes with. My personal blog has segments on both.

43.Favrote magical item? Broomsticks!

44.Your quidditch position? On the sidelines cheering on my friends!

45. Name a song you connect to a book. You're going to wonder why but Stranger in Moscow by Michael Jackson with A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. Only because the day I read it I was sick and so I read the entire book and I was obsessed with the song so I kept it on repeat.

46.Favorite book fandom? Either Harry Potter or Pretty Little Liars!

47. How many books do you own? I have never counted them, but I did just do a purge of about 15 that are going to good homes!

48. Who do you tag? Ashley, Sharon, and Leah and @LeeNichole on youtube

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