Monday, June 26, 2017

Harry Potter and the 20th Anniversary

Hi readers! Today is a special day because not only is it my husbands birthday but it is also the 20th Anniversary of the release of Harry Potter!!! I have to say that makes me feel old. If it came out in 1997 that means I was 9 years old and I remember my teacher reading it to us. The lack of a reader that I was became bored with this boy and his friends and it took me until I was 15 to give his story a try. I am so thankful I did!! So lets go over some of my favorites!!
-Favorite Book in the series -Prisoner of Azkaban and I even have the Mauraders names tattooed on me!!!
-Favorite Character: HAGRID!!! Close second is Sirius
-Favorite Class: Defesnse against the dark arts as well as Divination
-Favorite House: Slytherin

Hope all of you enjoy some magic today!

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