Friday, April 28, 2017

How to start a bookstagram (and have fun)

Hi friends. I wanted to do this post because I have a Instagram account that is dedicated to reading and my love of books. Being in the bookstagram Community is really fun but it can become very frustrating as well. Well I have met some really cool people and seen some amazing pictures sometimes you feel uninspired or frustrated that the work you put into your picture isn't getting likes or you're not getting followers. So here are some tips to starting your own bookstagram account.

1. Make it one hundred percent you. For a long time when I had my first bookstagram account I wanted it to look like everybody else is most beautiful pictures that I saw. When in reality all I needed to do was put myself into the pictures and make them something that I would like to see.

2. Don't do it for the likes and the followers. When I had my first bookstagram account I was so frustrated because I felt like I put so much time and effort into my pictures and I had little to no followers when other accounts who had only been active for a month had over a thousand followers... so I quit . Believe me I understand what it feels like to take a picture that you're really proud of and not get any likes or not get new followers but in reality this is supposed to be fun so why worry about your likes and your followers am I right?

3. It's okay to take a break. Last summer I decided that I was finished with bookstagram and the entire community. I still followed many of the people that I enjoyed seeing pictures of but taking a break really made me inspired and refreshed to wanting to have a bookstagram again and start inspiring people with my pictures and my words. Taking a break is okay if you lose followers you lose followers that's just the nature of the situation.

4. Have fun. Having fun is the most important aspect of the bookstagram community. We are a group of people that enjoy reading and enjoy looking at pictures of books. In my opinion we're a rare breed. But when it stops being fun why are you still doing it? In order to have a successful account you need to make it fun if it isn't fun anymore you shouldn't be doing it.

5. Interact with people. This is important because this is how you get book recommendations or if you're having a bad day somebody compliments you on your picture. I can't tell you how excited I get when I see that I have comments on my pictures even if it's just a smiley face. It shows that people are looking at my pictures and enjoying what I did.

And finally...

6. Write what speaks to you. I tried to put more time into what I'm writing them into the picture that I take. I feel like it gives the viewers and followers a sense of who I really am and that I'm not just a girl who's taking pictures of books. I'm there too talk about books and share my love of books. I'm one hundred percent me in my post.

Bottom line is if you're thinking about starting a bookstagram account just remember that things don't happen overnight I started my first bookstagram two or three years ago and I only got up to 500 followers with my new account I'm only up to 800 and I'm fine with that. I just enjoy inspiring others with my pictures and my words.

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