Tuesday, January 31, 2017

13 bookish facts about Kelsey!

Hey readers and bibliophiles! I found this awesome Tag and decided to give it a whirl!

1. My favorite book is..
I read this book at the end of my freshman year of high school. I can remember being a little girl hearing my mom talk about this book and thinking it was about killing birds and why in the hell is that her favorite book. When I brought it home and showed her we were reading it, she became very excited which made me very excited. To this day I have not found a story that changed my heart so much.
2. I HATED...

Yes, you are reading this right! I hated Harry Potter. Mainly because my teacher would read it to us and I just didn't care about the story or the characters...at all.

3. I never read... As a little kid I would beg my mama not to read to me. I hated bedtime stories. I hated being read to and I hated reading on my own. It always made me sad too because I come from a giant family and everyone reads so I always felt like an outcast.

4. The first book I read all the way through (because I had to)...
When I was in 5th grade, the school system began what is called AR or Accelerated Reading. In this we would have to take a test to see how well we read and comprehended then we were placed in a group that corresponded to a color (orange was the highest, then light blue) I was light blue! We would then have to read the book and take a test on it. You can imagine how awful that was for me. Until I found Ramona and those books were so fast that I read and tested on them well!

5. D.E.A.R Day. This was a day devoted to reading during my 4th-5th grade years. d.e.a.r stands for Drop Everything And Read. We got to come to school in our pajamas and bring blankets and pillows and we were only required to read. It was a great way to get a nap for me!!

6. The first book I read because I wanted to...
I was in 7th grade and had just seen this movie with my sister Jamie. I LOVED the movie (mainly because I loved Shane West) I was sick one day and stayed home from school. The power had gone out so after one of many naps I decided to read this book. Once I got through the first few chapters I couldn't put it down. I read the entire book in 6 hours!!!

7. I read Harry Potter as a bet. My sister Jamie was always the reader and I had never seen anyone take a 500 page book and read it in one day like she did. I had also never heard someone talk about a story with so much passion. I wanted to be like her so much. I remember sitting in her bright purple room and her talking about Harry Potter because The Order of the Phoenix had just come out and she had read it in a day! She said to me, "if you read Harry Potter I will give you 5 bucks" 5 bucks in high school paid for lunch or gas so naturally I was intrigued. "but" she said "you cant like it if you want the money" I thought to myself, No Problem these books blow! Within a week I had finished book 1 and with my head down asked her if I could borrow book 2.

8. I love audio books! I am a huge audio book fan. I love listening to the way people read. I have 3 audio books in my car as I write this!!

9. I have never LOL'd at a book. Yea I know that sounds weird. I am unsure if I am so focused on reading that I lose the personality of some characters or what but I have never laughed from a book.

10. I wish I loved...
The Classics. They are such an important part of literature. They put literature of the map yet I cannot get into them. I have tried Jane Austen many times, Little Women at least a dozen times. Its a bit heartbreaking.

11. I have to have music to read. well... I guess I shouldn't say I HAVE to have music but if I put on anything by Danny Elfman, Nicholas Hopper or any classical I am so much more aware and focused on my story.

12. I love to read in my car. I think because I am such an overly punctual person that most times if I am meeting someone or have an appointment, I show up 20 minutes early just to read.

13. I have book themed tattoos!!!
 Here is one, I don't have a good picture of the other. This is my newest one and probably my favorite. I hope you can look closely at it and see all the quotes I took time choosing :)

There it is friends! I hope you enjoyed this post! Check back later for more fun!

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